Free Republicans See Hun Sen as Deputy King

If the CPP loses the July 26 election, Second Prime Minister Hun Sen may not have to look long for a new job.

The Free Republican Party proposed making him “Deputy King” during a roundtable discussion on TVK on Tuesday.

“If the Free Republican Party wins and the CPP loses, our president Bit Seanglim will use his power to appoint Hun Sen as ‘Deputy King,’” a representative from the small party said.

Bit Seanglim confirmed the plan on Thursday and said the plan has a precedent in Cam­bodian culture. Then-Prince No­rodom Sihanouk served in such a position after he abdicated and his father took the throne in 1955.

Deputy kings are not royalty, and are only meant to advise the King, he said. Deputy kings do not have political power nor do they inherit the throne, he added.

“If the CPP loses, in order to avoid armed conflict….We think the idea should be suggested,” said Bit Seanglim, who is also an economic adviser to Hun Sen.


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