F’pec Panel Mum About Fate of Keo Remy

Four out of five members of the Funcinpec disciplinary committee handed a decision on whether they would expel Funcinpec parliamentarian Keo Remy to Fun­cinpec President Prince Noro­dom Ranariddh on Thursday but would not disclose the contents of that decision.

Siem Reap Governor Chap Nhalivuth, a member of the committee, confirmed Thursday that the committee made a decision on the fate of Keo Remy and sent that decision to Prince Ranariddh. He would not comment further.

“We would like to give the decision first to [Prince Ranariddh], then to the press,” Chap Nhali­vuth said Thursday.

Funcinpec Secretary-General Prince Norodom Sirivudh, a committee member, declined to comment on the issue Thursday, saying it was “premature” to discuss the matter.

Committee members Por Buns­roeu, secretary of state for the Ministry of Defense, and Khek Vandy, National Assembly lawmaker, could not be reached for comment Thursday. Minister of Public Works Khy Taing Lim, the fifth member of the committee, was absent from the decision.

Keo Remy declined to comment because he said he was not aware of what the decision was.

On Nov 1, Keo Remy declared that he would not stand as a Fun­cinpec candidate in next year’s elections and planned to resign from Funcinpec at the end of his term.

Keo Remy criticized the party for being weak since joining the CPP in a government coalition. Keo Remy added he was also un­happy that the party “was not brave enough” to approve the election law that he drafted earlier this year on the make-up of the Na­tional Election Committee.

(Additional reporting by David Kihara)


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