F’pec Lawmaker Says Police Abused His Immunity

Funcinpec lawmaker Monh Saphan accused traffic police and one of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s bodyguards of abusing his parliamentary immunity following the removal of his car from inside the National Assembly compound on Monday.

Monh Saphan claimed that a Hun Sen bodyguard told him his car was removed because it was parked too close to the National Assembly session building and they were concerned for the prime minister’s security.

“They told me they were afraid of a bomb because Prime Minister Hun Sen joined the meeting,” Monh Saphan said, adding that he was confused because he had always parked there in the past without any trouble.

“They abused my immunity because the vehicle has the National Assembly’s number plate,” he said.

One of Hun Sen’s bodyguards was seen preventing reporters from taking photos of Monh Saphan’s car as it was being towed away.

Hun Sen’s bodyguard unit chief Hing Bunheang said he knew nothing of the case as it fell under the jurisdiction of the traffic police. Phnom Penh Municipal Traffic Police Chief Tin Prasoeur said the car was towed because Monh Saphan parked in a spot that belonged to a high ranking National Assembly official, but declined to specify who.

The car has since been returned to Monh Saphan.




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