Former UN Chief Meets KR Defectors

Former UN secretary-general Bout­ros Boutros-Ghali finished his official visit in Cambodia as head of the International Franco­phone Organization by meeting Wednesday with former Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan.

Boutros-Ghali was tight-lipped about the conversation he had with the defector.

An aide to Khieu Samphan said Boutros-Ghali had been a classmate of Khieu Samphan’s when both were studying in France, and “had a lot to catch up on.” Boutros-Ghali, however, denied the friendship, claiming he first met the leader in 1992.

The purpose of the meeting with Khieu Samphan, Boutros-Ghali said, was an “academic” one. He maintains the UN should not interfere with the decision of whether to try Khmer Rouge de­fectors for crimes ag­ainst humanity, saying it’s an is­sue for the Cambodian government.


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