Flooding Cuts Into Funding for Water Festival

Although more boats have signed up to race, this year’s Wa­ter Fes­tival will not be as big, due to the flooding, officials predict.

“We do not have [enough money] to run this event as auspiciously as last year,” said Hang Vanny of the National and Inter­national Festival Committee. He said some companies have had to cut back their donations “as they have spent much of their re­sources to help flood victims.”

Phnom Penh Governor Chea Sophara says he believes fewer crowds will come to watch if the water remains high.

Each prov­ince is fielding more entries than last year, with the number of boats rising from 344 to 400.

Kandal and Kompong Cham provinces are entering the most boats. The three-day festival begins Nov 10

Officials say the cutbacks will mean each boat has two chances to compete, instead of three .


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