Flash Flood Warning Issued For Stung Treng, Kratie Today

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has issued a warning for flash floods in Stung Treng and Kratie provinces.

In an announcement Monday, the ministry said that the Mekong river level has continued to rise since it first issued a flood warning on Aug 1.

According to the ministry, by Fri­day, the water level in the Mekong river in Stung Treng will reach 11.3 meters, and on Saturday, the level in Kratie will rise to 21.9 meters.

Also, the statement warned that water levels in rivers such as the Bassac and Tonle Sap would continue to rise, so people should be vigilant.

Yesterday morning, the water level in the Mekong was at 10.46 meters in Stung Treng, and 20.75 meters in Kratie, which are 0.24 me­ters and 1.25 meters, respectively, under the emergency levels, ac­cording to Mao Hak, a de­partment director at the Min­istry of Water Resources.

The Mekong has continued to rise because of heavy rain in the Mekong basin and up river in Thai­land, Mr Hak said, adding that as the deluge of water flows down into Cambodia, flooding could occur.

Mr Hak confirmed that the Me­kong river could reach an emergency situation level in Stung Treng today, adding, “We informed the authority and people to be careful and prepare for everything.”

He also said that although the alarm situation in Stung Treng is 10.7 meters, the river will not actually flood its banks until it reaches 12 meters.

Pang Peng, Stung Treng provincial director for the Department of Water Resources, said that he had already passed a warning notice onto the provincial authorities and to the people of the province.

Kham Phoeun, Kratie provincial governor, said that provincial authorities forwarded the flood warnings to local authorities and had broadcast an alert on the radio.

Even though the Mekong river had not reached the emergency level, the homes of some families along the river have already seen 1 to 3 centimeters of flooding.

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