Five Daun Penh District Robbers Arrested

Three men were arrested in Phnom Penh on Tuesday following a high-speed chase after they allegedly snatched a woman’s purse, police said Wednesday.

Police shot once in the air while chasing the men after being alerted to the theft in Phsar Thmei III commune by the victim’s shouting, according to Daun Penh district police chief Ouch Sokhon.

“It was difficult to arrest them, but when they did, police found a purse with 50,000 riel [about $12.50] and a mobile phone, which they returned to the victim later,” said district penal police chief Nhem Saonol.

The suspects—Bea Sarach, 19, Chin Chea, 22, and Than Seara, 19—are scheduled to be sent to court to face charges Thursday.

In a separate case, Chan Ro, 30, and Tek Sileng, 27, were both arrested Wednesday after allegedly robbing a home in Daun Penh district’s Srah Chak commune.

Both men are homeless and are being detained at the district police office before being sent to court today, according to Mr. Sokhon, the district police chief.

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