Fishermen Injured in Ax Attack on Tonle Sap

Two fishermen were seriously injured in an attack by five ax-wielding men who boarded their boat on the Tonle Sap lake on Tuesday, police said Wednesday.

Chhuon Savy and his brother-in-law Chreang Chon, both 31, from Pursat province’s Kandieng district, were fishing on the lake when a motorboat carrying five men approached , said Yang Sam, police chief in Kompong Thom province’s Stong district.

“A motorboat carrying five men told them to stop, claiming they wanted to buy fish. When the victims stopped their boat, the suspects used an ax to chop them,” said Mr. Sam, adding that the fishermen were then thrown overboard and their boat overturned.

Liv Seng Him, police chief in Kandieng district, said Vietnamese fishermen pulled the victims to safety and that relatives of the men took them to the Pursat referral hospital, where Mr. Savy is being treated for a head injury and Mr. Chon for a broken arm.

“We conclude that it was not a robbery because the suspects did not take any property,” he said, adding that the suspects remain at large.

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