Firm’s Owner Released After Marble Deaths

The Chinese owner of a company who was arrested after three of his employees were crushed to death by marble slabs while unloading a shipping container in Phnom Penh on Tuesday was released Wednesday evening, an official said Thursday.

Cheng Si Ping, the owner of marble import company Xin Yong Tha, and his friend Zhou Miao Han, were detained shortly after 10 slabs of marble weighing 500 kg fell on Sao Bunna, 32; Hat Ratha, 25; and Thorng Bora, 29, as they were working at a Sen Sok district workshop.

District governor Ly Saveth said the pair had been released after agreeing to pay compensation to the victims’ families.

“They were released because they promised police to compensate the victims,” he said.

Mr. Saveth said he would need to check whether Mr. Cheng holds a license to operate before he reopens for business, and shouldered some responsibility for failing to monitor the company’s safety standards.

“We cannot monitor all the workshops because there are too many, but I know the case that happened was also our fault,” he said.

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