Fire Causes Customers to Flee Karaoke Club

A fire destroyed 10 rooms at a karaoke club in Meanchey district shortly before midnight on Thurs­day, but no customers or employees were injured and the fire was quickly contained, according to local officials.

The fire was caused by faulty wiring in the club, according to Keo Saveoun, the chief of Chak Angre Leu commune, who said the blaze at Karaoke Club 168 began at 11:15 p.m. and was extinguished by 1 a.m.

“When informed by our local network, the authorities took action immediately with help from the residents,” said Mr. Saveoun.

“To stop the fire, the teams used 20 fire trucks with support from the local people who used two machines to pump water from the river behind the club,” he added.

Nov Savy, a manager at the club, said that the establishment lost more than $4,000 in unpaid checks by customers who fled the fire, but could not estimate the damage to the property.

“When there was smoke rising and a fire, almost all of our guests ran out of the room without paying us the money,” she said.

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