Feuding Cops Set for Legal Confrontation

Two top police officials who have accused each other of ordering murders both said Tuesday that they will allow the courts to resolve their disputes.

Heng Peo, the deputy director of the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug unit, challenged opponents to review his professional record.

“Do not believe my words only because I say them as a human being, but because there is evidence and the law that supports my case,” Heng Peo said by telephone.

Heng Peo said allegations that he ordered the June shooting of a newspaper editor are groundless. He added that journalists should not believe the words of Mok Chito, chief of Phnom Penh police for foreigners, nor that of his supporters.

“I have never committed any despicable act,” Heng Peo said.

Mok Chito said Tuesday that documents implicating Heng Peo are already at the Municipal Court.  “I do not need to publicize this,” Mok Chito said by telephone. “I will just leave this to the court to decide.”

Thong Uy Phang, the editor of Koh Santepheap (Island of Peace), repeated Tuesday that he believed Heng Peo was behind the June attack that left him with two bullet wounds.

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