FBI Deputy-Director Invites Hok Lundy to Visit US

The deputy director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation on Sunday invited National Police Com­missioner Hok Lundy to visit the US, Interior Ministry spokes­man Khieu Sopheak said Monday.

FBI Deputy Director John Pis­tole, who arrived unannounced in Cam­bodia on Saturday, invited both Hok Lundy and Minister of In­­terior Sar Kheng to the US during a meeting in Phnom Penh, Khieu Sop­h­eak said.

A date has not been set for the visit, but it could include attending the graduation of a Cambodian law en­­forcement official from the FBI Academy in the US State of Virgin­ia, he said.

The invitation follows on the controversial comments of Ambas­sa­dor John Miller, head of the US State Department’s anti-human traf­ficking office, who disclosed on Feb 9 that Hok Lundy was denied a visa to visit the US last year due to concerns about his alleged role in hu­man trafficking.

Interior Ministry officials have called the allegations groundless.

Pistole presented Hok Lundy with an award in recognition of con­tributions to the prosecution in the US of the anti-government Cam­bo­di­an Freedom Fighters, the US Em­bassy said in a statement.

CFF leader Chhun Yasith was ar­­rested in California in June on federal charges for his alleged in­volvement in an attack by lightly armed men on government buildings in Phnom Penh in 2000.

Pistole also informed Sar Kheng that the FBI intends to establish a le­­gal attache office at the US Em­bas­sy, the embassy said.

US Embassy spokesman Jeff Dai­­gle said he was unaware of whether Hok Lundy’s visa denial was discussed during the FBI visit.

Khieu Sopheak described the meet­ing as “very fruitful,” adding that it occurred in a “very cooperative atmosphere,”

Pistole’s three-day visit to Cam­bo­dia was part of a regional tour in­cluding stops in Hong Kong, the Phil­ippines, China and Japan.

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