Father of Detained Briton Lobbies for Son

The father of Gregg Fryett, chairman of an embattled U.K. investment firm who was arrested last year in Cambodia on allegations of money laundering and fraud, submitted a letter Thursday to Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Cambodian Embassy in London requesting his son’s release, according to British media.

“We were able to deliver our letter, but we were unable to see an ambassador. We were able to put our points and I hope it will be effective,” Peter Fryett told the Herald Express newspaper.

Gregg Fryett—who is the main shareholder in Sustainable AgroEnergy PLC—was arrested in March on charges of forging documents and using them in an attempt to illegally purchase thousands of hectares of land from Mao Malay, the wife of former armed forces commander-in-chief Ke Kim Yan.

Then, in January, he was charged with money laundering, following an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Unit.

Sustainable AgroEnergy has been under investigation in the U.K. since 2012 for alleged fraud worth $54 million and has had its assets frozen.

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