Fate of two nations: Cambodia and East Timor

Western Sydney University in late November hosted the ninth International Conference on Human Rights Education (ICHRE), attended by more than 380 delegates including scholars and speakers from 50 countries, focusing on a range of pedagogy and the implementation of human rights in post-conflict countries such as Colombia.

The conference was organized in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR), and the theme was “Unleashing the Full Potential of Civil Society.” Opening addresses were delivered by international experts, including the former UN Special Representative for Human Rights in Cambodia, Michael Kirby.

One of the keynote speakers was Dr Xanana Gusmão, the former president and prime minister of East Timor, who spoke on “Harvesting HR for Independence and Democracy.” This writer’s presentation was in stark contrast to Gusmão’s approach – targeting action as supposed to dialogue by highlighting a “Case Study: Can Australia Resuscitate HR and Democracy in Cambodia?”

In full: http://www.atimes.com/fate-of-two-nations-cambodia-and-east-timor/

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