Fate of Burmese Dissidents Remains Unclear

The fate of two Burmese nat­ionals arrested Friday in Battam­bang province while they attem­pted to solicit military support for an anti-Rangoon armed faction remains unclear, government officials and a UN refugee worker said Wednesday.

The two men arrested by Bat­tam­bang Military Police on charg­es of entering Cambodia ille­­gally are being held at the Military Court in Phnom Penh, Military Police Commander Sao Sokha said Wednesday.

The two will be investigated, said Sao Sokha adding he had no further details.

Mol Roeup, director of military intelligence, claim­ed Wednesday he had no inform­at­ion on the two, despite the fact that other officials said he was in charge of the investigation.

A representative for the UN High Commissioner for Refu­gees in Phnom Penh also said Wednesday that attempts to locate the two men have so far drawn a blank with Cambodian authorities.


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