Fatal mass wine poisonings in Cambodia

Dozens of people have been poisoned and at least seven are dead after consuming batches of 'herbal' rice wine in Cambodia.

Cambodian authorities have launched a manhunt for the owner of a business reportedly behind batches of “herbal” rice wine which has poisoned dozens of people and killed at least seven.

Local media reported on Monday that officials on the weekend inspected and shut a facility in the capita, Phnom Penh where the wine was produced.

The wine has been linked to more than 40 cases of poisoning in a rural province near Cambodia’s border with Thailand.

In full: https://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/fatal-mass-wine-poisonings-in-cambodia/news-story/7c1927a119e05e9c7b0b2c126803415b

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