Farmer Trampled to Death by His Own ‘Angry’ Bull

A 74-year-old man was found dead in a ricefield in Prey Veng province after one of his bulls apparently trampled him on Monday morning, according to police. Prey Veng City police chief Nout Bundoeun said Tuesday that Krech Pich, who lived in Barai commune, sustained massive injuries to his torso, head and legs when he was repeatedly attacked by the angry bull.

Mr. Bundoeun said police who inspected the scene after being contacted by villagers believed the bull was responsible for the farmer’s death because the animal’s hoofprints were imprinted in the ground around his body, and the bull was found standing nearby.

“We concluded that the bull killed the man because the villagers told us that the bull was angry with the owner a few days ago because he did not allow his cow to have sex with a female cow when he took the bull to eat grass at a ricefield,” he said.

Mr. Bundoeun said the owner’s wife had already sold the bull, which originally cost the family $3,000, because she was afraid it would kill again.

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