Farmer Injured After Playing With Old Bomb Part

A cassava farmer received injuries to his legs and hands when an old bomb fuse went off near his home in Pailin province on Sunday after he threw a rock at it, police said yesterday.

Chea Chanden, the deputy provincial police chief, said that To Sopheap, 28, had found the fuse while tilling land behind his house in Sala Krao district a few days prior to the explosion.

He then went outside to play with it on Sunday afternoon. “Mr. Sopheap took the [fuse] and threw it on the ground,” Mr. Chanden said.

“Then he hit it with a rock and it exploded, and he received minor injuries to both legs.Even though Mr. Sopheap knew it was a part of a bomb, he still played with it. He was playing with a crazy dangerous thing.”

The farmer is now recovering at the provincial referral hospital, Mr. Chanden added.

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