Family Says Still Concerned for VJ Ano’s Safety

A day after the public reemergence of TV3 network presenter Suon Pheakdey, better known as VJ Ano, her family still has some concerns for her safety, according to her brother Soun Yuthyea.

VJ Ano appeared live on TV3 Wed­nesday evening for the first time since unexpectedly dropping out of sight for more than a month, sparking rumors that she had been attacked.

“We are scared that the person who produced the rumor might hurt my sister, and I don’t even dare to let my sister show her face in public,” Soun Yuthyea said by telephone Thursday.

Soun Yuthyea said he did not know who was behind the rumors and that his sister was traveling in Singapore and Malaysia as news of her disappearance spread through local media.

He declined to let a reporter speak to Suon Pheakdey, who he said was in the house with him.

Despite nearly two weeks of me­dia reports focusing on VJ Ano’s whereabouts and well-being, as well as calls from police and local rights groups for the family to come forward with information, Soun Yuth­yea said his family felt there was no need to inform the public that she was OK.

“I thought the rumor would disappear by itself,” he said, adding that his sister did not inform her bosses at TV3 that she would not be coming to work.

Soun Yuthyea apologized for remaining silent and said that it was nice to see that the media and rights groups were concerned for Suon Pheakdey’s safety. But now, he added, it has become something to laugh about.

On Wednesday evening “we talked about the rumor and busted into laughter because it is unbelievable that the rumor moved in such a serious way,” he said.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police Chief Touch Naruth said by telephone that he was right never to have started an investigation into VJ Ano amid the reports of her disappearance.

“As I told the journalists, nothing had happened,” he said.

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