Families To Compensate Crash Victims’ Kin , of two

The families of two of the men suspected of involvement in a high-speed car crash and subsequent shooting spree on Oct 27 have agreed to pay compensation to the victims’ families, police said Monday.

“We have met with Seng Sava­nara’s parents,” Municipal Penal Police Chief Reach Sokhon said. “They agreed to pay compensation to the victims’ families at the car accident.”

Seng Savanara is one of five men police say were involved in the incident, in which three people were killed and four were injured.

The family of Nhim Sophea, another suspect, also agreed to give money, although the family did not say how much or when the money would be handed over, Reach Sokhon said.

Nhim Sophea, 22, is the nephew of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the son of Nhim Chantara, an undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Reach Sokhon said he planned to contact the family of Long Mao, who was killed, to inform relatives of the compensation offer. He said he would also like to contribute to the family’s medical expenses for Sun Lai, 22, who was injured in the car crash and is in a coma at Preah Bat Sihanouk Hospital.

Sun Lai’s family returned him to Phnom Penh Thursday after he was transferred several days after the accident from Preah Kossamak Hospital to Takeo hospital in his home province.

“I want the parents of the driver, who was driving the car that crashed into my husband and killed his brother, to pay compensation,” said Long Ny, the wife of Sun Lai, Monday.

Sun Lai’s brother-in-law, Long Mao, 19, died and three others were wounded when a car in a four-vehicle convoy crashed into their parked coconut truck, police and witnesses said.

Two others were killed and one wounded when a member of the convoy opened fire with an AK-47 on passers-by, Deputy Prosecutor Sok Roeun said last month.

Last month, Phnom Penh Muni­cipal Court charged Than Chamroeun, 23, with traffic violations and intentionally killing three people.

The court has issued warrants for four others: Seng Savanara, Nhim Sophea, Pov Hun, and a man named Pov who goes by “Moung.”

On Monday, a red-and-white checked krama kept Sun Lai strapped to a bed railing in the in­tensive care unit, preventing him from occasionally flailing his arms and legs. Oxygen and prescription med­ications keep his body functioning. Hospital bills cost $50 to $70 per day, said a doctor, who requested anonymity.

Sun Lai also needs X-rays, but the family cannot pay for them, his wife Long Ny said. “I just want only money for feeding my one son and my siblings,” Long Ny said. “I don’t want to sue.”


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