Families Settle to End B’bang Crash Case

Families of victims who died or were injured in a car accident on April 6 in Thmour Koul district, Battambang province, received compensation from the driver and agreed to close the case, dep­uty provincial traffic police chief Mo Ry said Wednesday.

Sang Sopheap, 16, a ninth-grade student, died at the scene from head injuries, and her family received 1 million riel (about $256).

Ae Sy Dan, 16, a classmate of Sang Sopheap, suffered head injuries and died later at a provincial hospital. The family received 1.5 million riel (about $384).

Seven other students suffered minor injuries. The parents of two of the injured students, Dy Sam Rath and Chom Maly, agreed to accept 200,000 riel (about $51) compensation. The parents of the other injured students did not seek compensation, saying they did not blame the driver.

The students were on a swimming trip at Kompong Pouy resort with teacher Tom Tea Vy. When they left the resort, the teacher sat in the front seat with the driver, Song Aouy, 21. The other students sat in the cab of the truck.

Song Aouy, from Tuol Kok district, Phnom Penh, drove the white Isuzu along a path crossing a rice field.

Many motorbikes were in front of the car when Song Aouy decided to pass one of them. He crashed the car into one of the motorbikes and then tried to flee the scene.

The friends of the motorbike driver chased the car. Song Aouy drove away quickly. He later tried to pass a truck, and the Isuzu’s right front tire burst. Song Aouy lost control of the vehicle and crashed.


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