Fallen Poipet Crane Crushed Women While Playing Cards, Husband Says

Riding into Kilometer 4 village on Thursday, there was a hum of funeral prayers on loudspeakers.

Theav Bov, 63, was finishing lunch as caterers packed up the tables and cutlery, marking the end of the day’s ceremony.

His wife, Khean Kimhong, had been playing cards on Wednesday near the Park City Poipet housing development project in Phsar Kandal commune as a crane in the adjoining construction site hauled a large prefabricated concrete slab. The crane came crashing down, crushing a nearby home and front yard, the concrete slab landing on Khean Kimhong and others, according to local officials.

In full: https://vodenglish.news/fallen-poipet-crane-crushed-to-death-women-playing-cards-husband-says/

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