Fake Visa and Passport Makers Headed to Court

Nine foreigners detained by immigration police for allegedly making fake visas and passports will be sent to court for questioning today, an official said Wednesday.

Uk Heisela, a chief investigator at the Ministry of Interior’s immigration department, said the suspects, from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea, were allegedly forging travel documents and charging $250 for them.

“They have allegedly made fake passports and visas for other foreigners,” Mr. Heisela said.

“Right now, we are looking to arrest more people involved.” Mr. Heisela said officials noticed imperfections on the visas of foreigners who were attempting to renew their fraudulent visas through the proper channels.

When officials investigated, the trail led to Nigerian Izelu Jude Osica and his company, Easy Way Business Ventures, in Meanchey district.

The group was rounded up Tuesday night, when Mr. Osica’s business was raided and shut down.

“He confessed that he has made fake visas for other foreigners,” Mr. Heisela said.

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