Fake Soldiers Charged, Police Continue to Investigate Case

Men who posed as generals to appear in court today

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday charged three men who had posed as RCAF officers with possession of an illegal weapon, threatening to kill, and illegally dressing as RCAF members, police said.

On Monday night, the men, dressed as RCAF two-star generals, drove in front of a car and threatened the driver with an AR-15 assault rifle, saying they would kill him if he did not stop his vehicle.

“Police are continuing to investigate the three men who disguised themselves as RCAF,” said Chan Sahot, deputy Russei Keo district police chief in charge of penal crimes. Since the men have been charged, the case will now be sent to an investigating judge at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. The three are due to appear for questioning today.

Also yesterday, five Nigerian men who were arrested on Wed­­nes­day after being implicated as drug dealers by the RCAF im­posters were released due to a lack of evidence.

During police questioning, the fake generals claimed to have bought drugs from the Nigerians, said deputy Russei Keo district police chief Than Then.

“We did arrest those five foreigners after the three men who were posing as RCAF and using illegal weapons confessed that they bought drugs from the Ni­gerians,” Mr Then said. “But after we arrested the Nigerians, we did not have enough evidence to inculpate them.”

Mr Then said the Nigerian men owned a secondhand clothes store, but police found no evidence of wrongdoing there. He added that the five were also starting up an NGO called Tum Nuonh Kon Khmer (“Khmer children are crying out for help”) that appeared to be legally registered.


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