Fake Palm Sugar Producer Released

The owner of two warehouses where low-grade cane sugar was al­legedly mixed with an illegal chem­ical substance to produce fake palm sugar was released by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court after questioning on Saturday, according to deputy prosecutor Meas Chanpi­seth.

“We did not detain him be­cause he has mental health problems and diabetes,” Mr. Piseth said, explaining that although 33-year-old Chroy Sok had not been charged, he would be called back for further questioning when his health permitted.

He said that if Mr. Sok were found guilty, he would only be subject to a fine of up to $2,500, so there was no reason to detain him. Pol Seang, chief administrator at the Interior Ministry’s anti-economic crime department—where the suspect was questioned following his arrest on Thursday—said the law was insufficient to address the se­verity of the crime.

“Our law was writ­ten simply, and we punish lightly,” he said, adding that he believed that the adulteration of food products deserved stern punishment.

“It is affecting the health of people and it amounts to cheating people.”

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