Fair Promotes Chinese Trade

More than 130 Chinese businessmen wrapped up a trade fair here Monday designed to promote trade and investment be­tween China and Cambodia

The businessmen, from the Chi­nese cities of Nanking and Xiang­tan, displayed information on projects and products such as building materials, electronics and chemicals at the three-day fair organized by the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a good opportunity to co­­operate with Chinese businessmen while our economy is still poor,” Cheang Seng, deputy chairman of the chamber’s service section, said on the fair’s final day. “We hope Chinese traders will build factories here.”

Participants were looking at both the potential to market their products in Cambodia as well as to set up factories.

“I have a very strong belief that Cambodia is a good place for investment,” said Chinese representative Lu Xiang Chun.

Lu Xiang Chun said Monday that trade opportunities with Cambo­dia looked very promising in various sectors.

China is a major investor and donor in Cambodia, particularly in the country’s garment manufacturing industry.

There is also a large number of ethnic Chinse living in Cambo­dia.


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