Factory workers making goods for the west bear brunt of virus surge in south-east Asia

Migrant labourers tell of being forced to isolate in brutal conditions as Covid wave grips region.

It was around mid-May when workers at the Cal-Comp factory in Phetchaburi, central Thailand, heard a small group of their colleagues had tested positive for Covid-19. It soon became clear the virus had ripped through the production lines. A cluster associated with the electronics factory has since been linked to thousands of infections.

Hwan Htet Paing*, a worker from the factory, said he was not told the results of his Covid test, carried out on 19 May. Despite this, he was instructed to quarantine inside a vast hall at his workplace. The floor was covered with tarpaulin sheets and lined with rows of mosquito nets for each worker. Everyone was given a bucket and a cup, and bedsheets to lay across the floor. Fans were handed out to help ease the heat – until the vast numbers of people testing positive meant there were none left.

He stayed for 14 days, in the same clothes that he had been wearing when he was sent to the facility.

In full: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/13/factory-workers-making-goods-for-the-west-bear-brunt-of-virus-surge-in-south-east-asia

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