Ezecom to Build $80M Undersea Internet Cable

Internet provider Ezecom signed an agreement Monday to build an $80-million submarine cable linking Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia that it said would significantly increase Internet speeds while bringing down prices.

Ezecom’s Telcotech will work with Thailand’s Symphony Communication and Malaysia’s Telekom Malaysia Berhad to build and maintain the 1,300-km-long Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) cable system.

In a statement, Ezecom said that once completed at the end of 2016, the MCT will also be linked to the Asia-America Gateway, a 20,000-km underwater cable that connects Asia to the U.S.

“This link will usher in a new era of connectivity, with faster speeds and improved service leading to greater broadband penetration and better access to digital information,” the statement says.

Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony at the Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh, Ezecom CEO Paul Blanche-Horgan said the MCT would also provide faster speeds to other Internet providers in Cambodia.

“We mainly are moving toward wholesale,” he said. “We wholesale already to most of our competitors.”

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