Expats and locals in Cambodia fear total Chinese takeover

As China continues its encroachment into Cambodia, expats as well as locals are beginning to fear the end result.

Ten years or so ago, the charms of Cambodia were a well-kept secret, with few expats aware enough to take a chance on its possibilities as a long-term, inexpensive haven away from hordes of tourists. Gradually, the news got around, with Sihanoukville and Siem Reap with its magnificent Angkor Wat complex both acquiring growing expat communities fascinated with the laid-back culture and genuinely friendly locals. Unfortunately, Cambodia’s massive, authoritarian northern neighbour also realised its potential as part of its belt and road initiative

In full: https://www.emigrate.co.uk/news/20190524-25940_is-china-planning-a-total-takeover-of-expats-favourite-cambodia-

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