Ex-Husband, 50 Friends Storm Wedding Party

Attempting to sabotage his ex-wife’s marriage to another man, a Kampot province man and 50 of his friends stormed the wedding ceremony Monday morning, re­fu­sing to concede that his marriage was over, a local military po­lice official said.

Mak Rithy, 31, stalled the groom, Ly Sokheng, 25, from pa­rad­ing toward the home of his bride-to-be, while Mak Rithy’s friends dismantled loudspeakers, a generator and other equipment set up for the wedding party, Dep­uty Banteay Meas district military police Commander Neak Oeun said.

Mak Rithy and the bride, Mu­ong Thavy, 21, divorced in 2002, but neither received a certificate from the court, Neak Oeun said.

Claiming their marriage was not yet officially over, Mak Rithy got into a brief scuffle with his ex-wife’s new suitor, but no one was hurt.

The wedding was halted for more than four hours until the bride finally paid Mak Rithy $750 to leave.

“The wedding was illegal,” the district military police commander agreed. “But the first [husband] just tried to bother the wedding for mo­­­­­ney, not out of his heart.”

Despite the disruption, Muong Thavy and Ly Sokheng were successfully married later on Mon­day, Neak Oeun said.


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