Every dog has it day

April 4 marks the International Day for Mine Awareness. Around the world, there are four-legged bomb detectors who quietly risk their lives each day, gaining little fan fair. But in Cambodia, these unsung canine heroes have been given a home in which to enjoy their well-earned retirement.

ergaard might be getting old, but he is just as sharp as ever. In his heyday, Nergaard’s elite bomb detection skills saw him deployed in some of the most heavily mined war zones around the world.

From scouring landmines in rebel-controlled areas in Colombia, to clearing one of the most heavily militarised borders between Israel and Lebanon, to minefields in Iraq. Countless lives have been saved thanks to this veteran’s work, with vast swathes of land freed for people to live and survive on.

After his final clearance stint in Cambodia, a country still ravaged by unexploded ordnance, he retired four years ago. Nergaard was just ten years old.

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/cambodias-canine-deminers/

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