Every controversy surrounding the SEA Games 2023, explained in pop terms

The SEA Games 2o23 have become a hot topic across Southeast Asia—not just because of the talented teams competing, but because of all the controversies popping up constantly. Not sure what’s going on? Here’s every SEA Games 2023 controversy you need to know about, explained in pop terms.

One unique characteristic of the SEA Games 2023 is that there is no limit to both the number and the types of sports that will be contested. It depends on the host nation, pending approval by the Southeast Asian Games Federation. This means that while many familiar sports will be present (basketball, tennis, and so on), there will also be lesser mainstream sports introduced (such as finswimming, petanque, arnis, and even wushu).

This also comes with a slight problem: if the host nation can pick and choose most of the events themselves, would that give way to slight bias and/or unfairness towards the host country? With that in mind, let’s look at the controversies of the SEA Games 2023, explained in pop terms, because why not?

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