Escaped Kampot Python Pigs Out

An enormous python that had escaped from a private zoo belonging to Nhim Vanda, first vice chairman of the National Committee for Disaster Management, in Kampot province on Tuesday turned up at a farm 7 km away, where it strangled two pigs to death and swallowed a third.

“At 1:30 [a.m.], my daughter woke me to say her pigs had been killed,” said Leng Suy, the farm’s owner.

Mr. Suy said he recruited several family members to snare the 5-meter-long serpent, but not before it strangled two pigs weighing 66 kg and 77 kg and swallowed the smallest.

The last and largest of the hogs, weighing 89 kg, escaped death but remains traumatized, he said.

“One is alive but it’s not eating, because it’s still shocked by the python’s cruelty last night.”

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