Erosion Under Kandal Bridge ‘Nothing to Worry About’

In response to concerns raised by local residents, officials in Kandal province on Tuesday inspected the eroded riverbank under the Chinese-built Prek Tamak Bridge in Mok Kampoul district, deeming the structure sound.

Khiev Sok Nath, deputy governor of Khsach Kandal district, which is linked to Mok Kampoul district by the bridge, said the erosion near a supporting pillar has been worsening since 2013 due to rainfall and the river’s current, but that he was confident the foundations of the pillars—which he said went 50 meters into the ground—would protect the bridge from collapse.

“Erosion has happened before and it is still happening naturally because of the water flowing,” Mr. Sok Nath said, adding that authorities would reinforce the steep slope using concrete.

“It will not cause any danger or affect travel [across the bridge] if we fill up the land.”

On Raksmey, deputy director of the provincial public works and transportation department, said he inspected the site Tuesday with other government officials and an engineer from the Shanghai Construction Group, which built the bridge.

“Based on a real inspection, there is still 3 or 4 meters from the [edge of the] riverbank to the pillar of the bridge,” he said. “There is nothing to worry about.”

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