Entry one: Down and Out in Sydney and Phnom Penh

Globe reporter Alexi is stuck in quarantine for two-weeks in the outskirts of Phnom Penh after his flight returned a positive case of Covid-19. In his first diary entry from isolation, he talks swabs, Russian Boulevard and Avicii.

Lord of the Flies? Cast Away? 2015’s Academy Award nominated, Room? All were tried, tested but failed to produce a witty title that could incorporate my experience as I sit writing in my hotel room.

The title of George Orwell’s memoir from when living in Paris and London was the only one that seemed fitting. But I’m not working among the hoteliers in 1920s Europe – no – I’m stuck in quarantine in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, after a fellow passenger from Asiana Airlines flight OZ739 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

And unlike Brie Larson in Room, I haven’t got a young son to smuggle out in the hope of an escape.

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/quarantine-phnom-penh/

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