Engineers to Inspect the Old Chroy Changva Bridge

One lane of Phnom Penh’s Cambodian-Japanese Friendship Bridge will be closed from today until Friday while a team of engineers inspects cracks in the nearly 50-year-old bridge’s support beams, municipal spokesman Long Dimanche said Sunday.

Mr. Dimanche said the inspections this week would help determine what repairs are required to be carried out on the bridge, which was described in August as “dilapidated” by the municipality.

“We will close only one lane of the old bridge, not the new one. The other lane of the bridge can be traveled on. If they check on the left, we close the right; if they check the right, we close the left,” Mr. Dimanche said.

“We will close the lane just for checking, and we will continue to close it when the bridge is being repaired.”

The spokesman acknowledged that traffic jams would likely occur on the bridge, which carries traffic eastward onto the Chroy Changva peninsula, but said police would be sent to facilitate traffic.

He also said the new Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Bridge, which carries traffic west, would remain open.

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