Employment Opportunities Expand in Malaysia

Malaysian companies are likely to recruit more housemaids from Cam­bodia, Thailand and Sri Lan­ka because of a shortage caused by In­do­nesian maids going to countries offering better pay, a lo­cal labor recruitment agen­cy said.

No exact figures were available re­­garding the possible increase of Cam­bodians going to work in Ma­lay­sia. But Malaysia, which usually brings in some 50,000 In­do­nesian maids annually, was only able to at­tract 12,000 in the past six months, The Associated Press said.

With average monthly salaries for housemaids in Malaysia at $120, Indonesian maids are heading for Singapore and Saudi Ara­bia where they can earn as much as $263 per month.

Neas Saneth, who works with a company that trains Cambodian wo­men to be maids, said that a re­quest for more mi­grant workers has been sent from Ma­lay­sia.

Megat Tajudin, Malaysian Em­bas­sy first secretary, said that there was no quota limits on the re­cruitment of Cambodian maids.                         “If companies recruiting feel there is a big demand in Malaysia …then it’s up to them,” he said.

The Cambodian Women’s Cri­sis Center recently found that some Cambodian women who en­ter Malaysia illegally were trafficked to work in prostitution and garment factories.

Megat Tajudin said there are on­ly a few cases of maids being abused. He added: “If you come illegally, people come to exploit you. That’s true anywhere in the world.”

(Additional reporting by Lor Chandara)


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