Embassy Says Russia Did Not Help Polonsky Flee

The Russian ambassador on Tuesday strenuously denied allegations that the Russian government was involved in the departure from Cambo­dia of businessman Sergey Polonsky, who is on bail on assault charges. 

In a letter released Tuesday, Ambassador Alexander Ignatov said allegations originally published by the London-based Mail on Sunday newspaper that Mr. Polonsky was taken from Cambodia on a diplomatic plane were “absolutely groundless and aimed at discrediting the diplo­matic mission.”

After spending months in detention after being charged with al­leged­ly forcing six boatmen overboard with a knife, Mr. Polonsky was bailed in April on the con­dition that he remain in Cambo­dia to await trial.

Mr. Polonsky has since traveled to Europe and is re­ported to now be in Israel.

“The em­bas­sy has not been informed by the local au­thorities on the whereabouts of Mr. Sergey Polonsky after his re­lease from Preah Sihanouk prison on Ap­ril 3,” Mr. Ignatov’s letter says.

“In any case, we proceed from the as­sum­­ption that Mr. S. Polonsky is ob­liged to observe the terms of his re­lease and the embassy can in no way en­courage violation of the laws of the host country.”

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