Ejection of Chinese Tourists in Sweden Sparks Outcry, Embarrassment

The ejection of three Chinese tourists from a guesthouse in the Swedish capital by police and Beijing’s outraged response has whipped up a degree of nationalistic fervor on social media in recent days, although Chinese living in the country have expressed “embarrassment” over the behavior of the tourists and the government’s subsequent protests.

Video footage of a Chinese tourist surnamed Zeng and his elderly parents being carried out of Stockholm’s Generator Hostel after they showed up one day early for their booking and refused to leave have gone viral on China’s tightly controlled internet.

According to state media, “Zeng’s mother, 64, was taken in a police car with her hands behind her back, and police allegedly hit her in the vehicle when she ‘was tired of the position and just moved her body a bit.'”

Read the full story: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/tourists-09182018113737.html

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