Education Minister Called to National Assembly

For the first time since opposition CNRP lawmakers joined the National Assembly last month, they have called a government minister to answer questions before parliament, according to officials from the government and opposition.

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron will attend a session of parliament on September 17 to answer questions about his sweeping reforms of the school system, according to his cabinet chief, Ros Salin.

The invitation for questioning was sent Friday by CNRP lawmaker Yem Ponhearith, chairman of the parliamentary commission on education, religious affairs, culture and tourism.

“The Education [Ministry] is invited due to the recent grade 12 exam that saw many students fail,” Mr. Ponhearith said Sunday.

“We saw the education system has problems.”

Nearly 75 percent of high school students failed this year’s national exam after Mr. Naron called on the Anti-Corruption Unit to help stamp out cheating, the lowest passing rate since 1994.

In June, CPP lawmakers said they would summon the ministers of agriculture, environment and water resources to the National Assembly to talk about how families were being resettled due to major development projects.

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