Editor Pulled Gun Over Staff Quarrel, Colleague Says

A dispute between staff members at two of the country’s major television networks, both owned by mogul Kith Meng, sparked an incident in which a news editor held a gun to the head of another executive inside the headquarters of Cambodian News Channel (CNC), according to the alleged victim.

The news editor of 24-hour news channel CNC, Huy Vannak, allegedly used a pistol to threaten Ros Dina, the planning and assignment editor at sister stations CTN and MyTV, during an argument on June 27.

Mr. Dina said there was no history of animosity between the two men, who work for television stations controlled by the Cambodian Broadcasting Corporation, which is owned by Mr. Meng’s Royal Group.

“The reason it occurred is because of a dispute between staff from CTN and CNC,” Mr. Dina said. “I have never had a [personal] dispute with Huy Vannak.”

According to documents filed with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, Mr. Dina is suing Mr. Vannak for “defamation, insult and intentional attempted murder” and has demanded 200 million riel, about $50,000, in compensation.

Mr. Vannak was summoned to appear at Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Wednesday for questioning but was not seen by reporters. He could not be reached Wednesday.

Deputy prosecutor Keo Socheat, who issued the summons, said Wednesday he could not recall the case.

Mr. Dina’s complaint to the court states that he walked out of the bathroom at CNC where he met a colleague, Luy Sarath, and shouted to him loudly.

According to the document, Mr. Vannak then approached him and angrily pointed at Mr. Dina’s face before insulting him several times.

Mr. Vannak allegedly then took out a pistol, cocked it, and threatened to shoot Mr. Dina, who ran into the human resources office.

“The brutal activity of Huy Vannak really made staff here shocked and fearful,” reads the letter, which alleges the incident took place in front of about 10 staff members.

Ramady Moun, the general manager of CNC, said on Tuesday that both men were still working for the broadcaster and an internal investigation was underway.

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