Duped into taking a ‘business development’ job, he was ill-treated, forced to scam by a syndicate

For three weeks, Malaysian Bilce Tan was held hostage and had to scam others to survive. He secretly gathered evidence to expose his captors. Now, he gives CNA Insider the details of life and work in a Cambodian scam compound.

Bilce Tan, 42, is a manufacturing manager who lives and works in Malaysia. This is an edited version of his story, as told to CNA Insider.

When I came across the job ad last April, I didn’t think anything was amiss.

A Malaysian company was seeking someone to manage a customer service team and develop new business opportunities for the company. The only thing that struck me was that the job was in Cambodia.

Cambodia had recently been in the news and not for a good reason: There were cases of Malaysians being duped into going over for work and ending up a hostage. But those people were dumb — there’s no way it can happen to me, I thought.

In full: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/cna-insider/duped-business-development-job-scam-syndicate-malaysian-victim-cambodia-3434171

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