Duch or the End of a Defeated Torturer

The last photo of Duch published before his death showed him on a hospital bed at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh, under treatment for respiratory failure from which he was suffering.

The man who, without a shred of humanity, had overseen the torture and execution of thousands of prisoners brought to the detention center S-21 during the Khmer Rouge regime died, having been humanely treated.

Tried and condemned to life imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the executioner in chief was entitled to a fair trial at the end of which the judges of the Extraordinary Chambers, which was set up with the United Nations to put on trial the former Khmer Rouge leaders, imposed a sentence in accordance with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

In full: https://cambodianess.com/article/duch-or-the-end-of-a-defeated-torturerhttps://cambodianess.com/article/duch-or-the-end-of-a-defeated-torturer

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