Drug Smuggling Suspects Questioned at Court

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Wednesday began questioning members of a suspected drug smuggling ring who are accused of trafficking crystal methamphetamine into the country from Laos, according to a police official.

Sann Sothy, deputy chief of the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug bureau, said all three men arrested in a bust in Chbar Ampov district on Sunday—in which police seized more than half a kilogram of the synthetic drug—had identified Mom Dalin, 30, as the group’s ringleader.

Ms. Dalin was arrested on Tuesday at a wedding party in Kompong Cham province, Mr. Sothy said, but denied being at the center of the smuggling ring and identified a new suspect.

The bureau chief said police were searching for the person named by Ms. Dalin.

The trio arrested Sunday were in possession of 784 grams of methamphetamine, according to police.

“Now they are at court,” Mr. Sothy said Wednesday evening of the suspects—Suon Lenin, 34; Lun Sopha, 49; and Muth Thim, 38—and Ms. Dalin.

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