Drug Dealer’s Former Office Was a Facade

The defunct travel firm at the Phnom Penh Hotel that the In­terior Ministry alleges was operated by an international drug traf­fick­er stood empty Thursday, with little to suggest its controversial manager’s former activities other than three stickers on the door advertising airline firms.

Staff in neighboring offices said they were unaware of Wong Moon Chi’s alleged operations and had not realized anything was amiss until police came last week and confiscated everything in­­­side the Cam Tour office, from the tables and a computer to the dust­­bin.

“Police didn’t say what was happening,” said one man who manages an office in the same corridor. “If they’re really drug dealers, that makes me scared.”

Wong, 44, was arrested in Phnom Penh on Dec 8 and de­port­­ed to Hong Kong Monday, po­­­lice said.

Police said they arrested him in the street but did not spe­­cify where.

He is accused of trafficking heroin, amphetamines and marijuana around the world, and of using Cambodia as a transit point.

Chhay Sinarith, director of the In­­terior Ministry’s Information De­­partment, said Wednesday that Wong had been operating Cam Tour while in Cambodia.

Neighbors did not recall seeing Wong at the office, which they said was staffed by several wo­men.

The hotel plans to implement a better monitoring system to prevent alleged criminals from using office space, said one hotel official who asked not to be identified.

William Wong, the hotel’s general manager, said the suspect had never been associated with the hotel in any way.

Although William Wong confirmed that police visited the Cam Tour office, he said they had not ex­plained their actions.

He added that the office had not been leased in Wong Moon Chi’s name but to a man who he identified only as “Mr Lou.”

“[Wong Moon Chi] is new to us,” William Wong said. “We don’t even know him.”


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