Draft Civil Aviation Law To Regulate Air Travel

The National Assembly on Mon­day began debating draft legislation that would set industrial standards for commercial airlines and establish penalties for a host of activities in and around airplanes.

Mao Havanall, Secretary of State at the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, told the Assembly that the draft law is meant to enhance passengers’ safety and security and to fill gaps in existing aviation procedure.

“I hope the law will eliminate dangers, even if it happens only rarely,” he said.

The draft law would require all planes flying in Cambodia to be licensed and require express permission for air shipments of wea­pons, munitions and explosives as well as the use of unmanned drones.

Under the draft, SSCA would also be required to establish a permanent search-and-rescue unit while commercial operators would be held liable for accidents causing injury to passengers.

Acts such as kidnapping and damaging aircraft would be specific crimes while pilots would risk losing their licenses if found to be intoxicated while working.

Some provisions in the draft law are currently observed under other laws, SSCA directives or as company rules, Mao Havanall said.

CPP and SRP lawmakers both said the bill was a step forward.

SRP lawmaker Yim Sovann said he approved of a provision in the bill calling for the establishment of a new search-and-rescue unit rather than continuing the use of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s personal bodyguard unit.


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