Double contemporary dance shows take place in PP during Febuary

France’s local cultural center and Amrita Performing Arts will give dance lovers in Phnom Penh three reasons to cheer during the month of February.

Dansez Roam! will present its second performance in a three-show series on Friday and Saturday at Chenla Theater.

“Suites” combines young Cambodian dancers with the Baroque period music of Johan Sebastian Bach.

Suon Bun Rith, country director of Amrita Performing Arts, said the combination of the two very different art forms is another way to help Cambodian dancers explore the field of contemporary dance, a relatively unexplored art form in the country.

“This experience is used to help artists search for the definition of Cambodian contemporary dance,” he said yesterday.

Mr Bun Rith added that Western classical music is not very well established in Cambodia either.

“This is quite new and if I’m not mistaken this is the first time for the young dancers to perform to this kind of music,” he added.

Mr Bun Rith said Amrita has been focused on helping young Cambodian dancers with classical backgrounds to develop the contemporary style in the country.

“We responded to the desire of classical dancers to express something new and we help by providing them a platform to work on developing their style,” he said.

The Dansez Roam! performances end on Feb 28 with a large outdoor dance spectacle involving eight stages and 14 dancers at Wat Botum.

“This event will show the diversity of dance from traditional to modern to even Tiny Toones,” said the French cultural center’s Magali Poivet, referring to a young Cambodian break dancing group. “It will reflect dance today in Cambodia.”

The first show in the series was a performance by UBI dance company called “Duet with Baton and Rope.” Co-founder and performer Sarosi Nay said the piece combined dance and more circus-like techniques to explore the complex relationship between men and women.

“We try to create a bridge to other art forms and create a common language,” he said.

Mr Nai will also be performing at late February dance event.

All of the performances are free and tickets for “Suite” can be picked up at the French cultural center on Street 184 on and Amrita on Sothearos Boulevard.


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