Domestic Spat Results in Machete Double Murders

A former soldier stabbed his ex-wife and sister-in-law to death and badly injured his stepdaughter and nephew after a domestic dispute broke out in the family home in Kompong Cham province’s Tbong Khmum district on Thursday, police said yesterday.

Mat Les, 47, who had been living with his ex-wife for one year after they were divorced in 2007, asked his 15-year-old step-daughter Mat Mary to boil some water in order to cook a chicken.

When she refused to do so, Mr. Les beat the girl, said Seng Mi, Rokap Pram commune police chief. Noise of the attack alerted Sa Pao, 44, Mr. Les’ former wife, and Sa Mas, 53, his sister-in-law, who come to the girl’s rescue.

Mr. Les, however, stabbed Ms. Pao in the stomach and back using a machete. He then fatally stabbed Ms. Mas who died later. “We are searching for the suspect,” said Mr. Mi. “The suspect fled with the machete in hand and was wearing only his underwear.” During the fight Mary and Ya Yo Sos, the suspect’s nephew, were also injured by the machete. Both are still recovering at the provincial hospital.

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