Districts Lose Service After Water Main Bursts

A water main leading from the treatment plant in Tuol Kok burst early Wednesday, cutting off supplies to residents in four districts of the capital, an official said.

Seng Tong, deputy director general of the water supply de­partment, said Tuol Kok, Don Penh, Prampi Makara and parts of Chamkar Mon were affected.

“We decided to stop supplying water temporarily,” he said late Wednesday afternoon. He said the pipe was being repaired and water supplies should be back to normal today.

The water treatment plant in Tuol Kok supplies about 100,000 cubic meters of water per day, he said, while a smaller one in Chamkar Mon district supplies 14,000 cubic meters.

Some hotels and restaurants in Phnom Penh were coping by buying water directly from private water companies.

That was the case at the Tai­wan Hotel, where a receptionist said the hotel bought enough water for all of its customers.

Kompong Tram restaurant also bought water from a water company so food-service operations wouldn’t be interrupted.

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