Disease, Floods To Ravage Country, Goddess Predicts for Coming Year

New Year’s revelers may want to stock up on extra rice this year.

Thus speaks Goddess Ke­mera Teva, the incarnation of the cobra, in Moha Sang­kram, an almanac based on Buddhist astrology released by the Royal Palace in time for the Khmer New Year.

“Rice crops will be destroyed by bugs and worms,” the Goddess declared in Moha Sangkram. “Half of all crops will be destroyed.”

Floods will be higher than ever before recorded, the almanac predicted. “This year there will be more rain, cold weather and much flooding.”

But officials at the meteorology department say the goddess has got it wrong.

“We are not fortune tellers,” said Dir­ector Seth Vannreth on Wednesday. “What we say will be based on real science and exact phenomena.”

Last year, Moha Sangkram warned devastating forest fires would ravage Cambodia. It also claimed a woman in a high position would be forced to confront her guilt.

Pregnant women, watch out. People born in the year of the Cobra are active, selfish, proud, stubborn and furious, according to Moha Sangkram. They talk too much and make a lot of enemies.

Cobras with a poor education will make their careers catching fish while erudite cobras will become leaders with good reputations.

On April 13 at 11:36 pm, the cobra will ride into the new year on a buffalo, carrying a sword and a lute. She will debrief animals of past years, and then bestow happiness on people who have led good lives and misery on the bad.


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